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Accounting Drive is an open source for learning Accounting in a simple and easy way for students and aspiring accountants.

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Accounting Drive

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I designed Accounting Drive to make accounting concepts clear and easy to understand for beginners and even a non-accounting person.

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Meet the founder of Accounting Drive

Accounting is not only the game of numbers.

Hira Aziz

I love sharing knowledge! 

Hira Aziz founded the Accounting Drive. She is an accounting teacher and a business content writer.

After 5 years of teaching accounting, she found students need simple, clear, and easy explanations and practice tips to understand the accounting concepts. But, there are not any free learning sources available online. So, she created Accounting Drive to make learning accounting easy for students and beginners.

You can reach out to her at [email protected] anytime. Well, before saying bye she has a gift for you.