Cash Accounting

Modified accrual accounting recognizes revenues only when measurable and available. And recognize expenses when they incur.

Is Petty Cash An Expense Account or Asset Account? Petty Cash is not an expense account, it is an asset account.

Free Cash flow & Cash flow. FCF is used for the valuation of an enterprise while CF is used to calculate an organizationโ€™s net cash flow

Cash Accounting method only considers two kinds of transactions- cash inflows & outflows. It doesn’t recognize any payables, and receivables.

Free Cash Flow (FCF) indicates that a company is financially sound, and it has the ability to grow and pay its debts and dividends.

The “impact” relates to how the cash flow has changed when there is positive and negative fluctuation in working capital.

Cash flow vs. Profit- Cash Flow represent the liquidity of the company while profitability represents the income and expenses of the company.

Cash Flow Statement helps to track cash inflow and outflow. CFS has three main parts: operating, investing, and financing activities.

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